Diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai

Benefits Of Video Marketing With Diploma In Digital Marketing In Mumbai

Video content marketing is no longer a fancy term thrown around by digital marketers who just want to propagate and increase their budget for their clients. It has become a necessity as of today because people are more interested in watching videos rather than reading textual content about the same subject.

The usage of video content marketing helps users understand the usage of the product and services extended by the businesses. Diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai extends knowledge about which features to use in your video marketing to make the videos interesting and useful for the viewer. Here are a few statistics from diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai which relegates the importance of videos for digital marketing:

Video marketing advantages with diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai

There are different types of advantages that can accelerate your business through video marketing such as:

More than 60% of businesses today use video marketing for propagating their business online.
The conversion for e-commerce stores that uses video content have a 80% higher rate than e-commerce sites that don’t.
According to recent study there would be more than 80% videos that would rule the content of Facebook

Enhances user experience

The most important feature of video marketing is that it enhances the user experience. They get to understand how your product is helpful to them and what advantages can it bring for them. The user would be much more interested in watching a how to video about your product than reading informational post about it.

Easy and fast

Videos are easily accessible globally thanks to the internet. You can access a video that is made in Ireland as quickly as you can view a video from India. Reading information can be really hard whereas watching a video takes less time and is visually more appealing to the user.

Longer recall value

Videos have a longer recall value which is the reason for its fast growing popularity on digital mediums. When users watch a video they remember it for longer and gain a visual impact about the products and services. For example if you have a video that relegates important information about your product through a celebrity, you are likely to get more views and shares on social platform as opposed to a textual information.

A recent survey states that people have a limited span of attention not exceeding more than 15 seconds and if a marketer is able to capture the interest of the user for longer by using variation in videos then he has successfully implemented his video marketing strategy.

Captivating and interesting

A video can be made very interesting with the use of music elements and innovative ideas. Users enjoy watching such videos where the tune resonates with the marketing strategy of the business and helps create a connect with the users through their video marketing. Videos are great for creating an emotional connect with the user and thus they can be made captivating and interesting for the users world wide. You can tap into the emotion of the user through video marketing.

diploma in digital marketing in mumbai

Discover Content Shock With Diploma In Digital Marketing In Mumbai

Content shock is a term that is feared, looked up with trepidation because our content marketing strategy is dwindling by the hour and there is a new strategy in place that is being followed by other competitors. Content shock basically refers to a point where our content marketing strategy is no longer receiving active participation and is on the verge of being diminished forever.

Thus, in order to rejuvenate we must enrol for diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai. The professors of diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai would be able to list out various techniques and tips which would be able to help you gain a strong foothold in digital marketing world. They would be able to guide you about adopting latest practices and changing the relevant content.

Understanding content shock with diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai

Is content shock really affecting your content marketing strategy? How can you adapt to basic changes in content without changing the entire thing because let’s face it, changing the entire content would take up a lot of time which most people do not have.

Content shock is a reality check about your content strategy and as such it can affect your branding. Diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai help you analyse how to formulate your old content to give it a new appearance. Old content which may have been pleasing an year ago may not be appealing unless you pay for it. Diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai would be able to help you identify and change it accordingly so that it is pleasing even after an year.

How does content shock affect you adversely?

  • Your engagement rates may go down on social media channels affecting your number of followers
  • Organic reach and likes would dip because people would no longer be interested in reading about old form of content that is no use to them
  • Consumers may not be able to devote loyalty as you may be shelling out branded content to them on a daily basis. Thus, affecting the trust of consumers and making them sceptical about your brand or company

In order to avoid content shock, diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai enunciates that you must have a strategic planning of content. Rather than just throwing hordes of content at your target audience you must formulate a strategy that gives a thoughtful outlook to consumers about your brand. Diploma in digital marketing in Mumbai emphasizes that instead of churning out more and more content you must spend time researching about which content is performing well and what is falling off the map.

Most companies even today focus on the quantity rather than on producing quality content that is well-researched and invokes the interest of customers thus diminishing the number of followers on social media channels and creating a void. Make use of content that is appealing rather than content that gets ignored and cast off even though you may have put in a lot of effort in creating the posts. Take a look at the analytics and research thoroughly to give users what they are looking for.