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Enhancing Youtube Strategy With Digital Marketing Training Institute

In the coming year of 2018, there are many trends that will change and be enhanced in digital marketing arena. Most businesses today have shifted from using traditional mediums to digital mediums. With the invention of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot there are a lot of things that we will witness in the digital marketing arena.

Business today have shifted to using social media and content marketing which makes the experience of user enriching for them rather than focusing on products specifically. As extended by digital marketing training institute the trend today is of visual content rather than virtual content which includes:

  • Infographics
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Statistics

In the past 4-5 years we have all witnessed how YouTube has taken precedence over marketing. It is no longer just used for viewing funny cat videos or music videos, it has become a major marketing tool for businesses.

The trends of YouTube as extended by digital marketing training institute

What are the trends of YouTube marketing strategy that would be followed in the year 2018? Most digital marketing training institute substantiate on the following trends that would be followed by digital marketers through YouTube:

360 degree videos

Mobile has become an important aspect of digital marketing and everyone today prefers surfing and videos through their mobile devices. The idea of 360 degree videos is that it helps to create a virtual realistic picture for the viewer and gives them an opportunity to view properties and travel destinations as if they were present there.

These kind of videos are accessed through mobile phones usually however businesses can capture the interest of the viewer easily by providing them an actual experience of the place rather than just describing it in flowery words.

Live streaming videos

People sitting far away from you can experience the event or any kind of activity initiated by you through live streaming. This helps to bring the user and the brand closer to each other by giving it a more human touch. Live streaming can help you understand how the brand can help them and connect with them directly. The real time interaction is the new way to communicate and a lot of businesses are adopting this practice.

Millions of active users go through YouTube everyday looking for interesting and stimulating videos which are refreshing. Marketers can encapsulate this opportunity for advantageous marketing by making videos which are interesting and thereby using your brand in the video. You can also advertise on YouTube by selecting appropriate videos targeting your potential customers.

How to videos

How many have you opted to watch a video about “how to do something” rather than clicking on a textual note? Most of us do that because video is a much better way to get knowledge about how to use a particular thing rather than reading about it. It is easy to understand and a fast method. You can use these how to videos for propagating your products and services, extending knowledge about the usage and benefits of the products and services. You can also input ad strips on videos that are relevant to your product.