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Understanding Digital Channel Prediction With Digital Marketing Training Institute In Mumbai

Looking forward to the new year? Thinking about the changes that are going to take place for your business? As you know there have always been technological advancements in every area every year and the next year would be indeed full of digital trends that will bring a multitude of results for the marketers.

As of 2018, there would certainly be a change in the digital marketing strategy that you would notice. Learn all the techniques before commencing into the next year with digital marketing training institute in Mumbai. The professionals that would teach the courses under digital marketing training institute in Mumbai would be able to give you a detailed account about various techniques that are going to trend in the year 2018.

5 predictions of digital marketing extended by digital marketing training institute in Mumbai

#1 Prediction: Voice search

Since the inception of Google OK and Siri people have realised that voice search has a lot of uses. This makes for an interesting advancements as businesses today focus on voice search rather than feeling the need to type each and every word. Digital marketing is also advancing towards this feature and trying to optimize the usage of voice search for marketing purposes.

#2 Prediction: Influencer marketing

In the year 2018, there would be a rise in influencer marketing especially on various social media channels. There would be a decline in celebrity endorsing products as businesses would try and focus on acquiring loyal customer base through social influencers with a huge following. If done correctly influencer marketing is not only cost effective but also a great medium to increase your business.

#3 Prediction: Live chat feature

In the year 2017, we saw a lot of businesses adapting to live chat feature which is going to continue rising in the next year. As more businesses realize the need to communicate digitally with their prospective buyers there is a need to create Live chat feature for all. This can help clear queries of the potential customer instantly and also give them the comfort of not having to call up the IVR system which leads to a lot of clicking buttons in order to connect with the customer care.

#5 Prediction: Understanding and measuring micro moments

Today we have more devices than people and as such even in the next year these devices would keep on multiplying. Digital marketers need to understand the micro moments that makes the customer take a desired action, whether it is a notification on their phone or a social media post. What makes the customer react in a certain manner is important to understand the marketing strategy that digital marketers should employ.